Convenience Stores

Do you need fuel or a quick snack? Maybe a fountain drink to quench your thirst? Every week customers patronize their local convenience store for these very reasons. Who does the convenience store owner turn to when an accounting need arises? Cardinal CPA Group is the firm providing professional expertise to many convenience stores in central Indiana and the fuel jobbers that serve them.

In this demanding business–with a competitor on nearly every corner–margins are slim and price changes rapid. Mistakes can be fatal. Our staff understands this environment and can provide your business with the financial systems that can help you prosper.

Scott Houser and Candace Eck will be able to provide the advice and counsel that your firm will need to survive and prosper in this difficult industry.

Professional Services:

  • Financial reporting
  • Audits, reviews and compilations
  • Fixed asset accounting
  • Employee benefits plan audits
  • Tax planning and tax preparatio

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