High prices or low prices, good weather or bad weather, new markets and new technologies all challenge the management practices of today’s farmers. Risks, just like weeds in the spring, are abundant and a potential threat to your financial prospects.

Cardinal CPA Group can help you assess your risks then ensure your accounting system provides the information necessary to better manage these risks. Lenders, considering your loan application for a new tractor or a bid on another farm, will be pleased to see your accounting system is keeping you abreast of your farm’s financial position.

So–whether minimizing your tax liability or trading equipment, buying a farm or preparing to pass it along to the next generation–we can help you manage your finances and meet your objectives.

Scott Houser is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Professional Services:

  • Financial statements
  • Financial risk management
  • Tax planning
  • Individual and corporate tax returns
  • Estate planning/property transfers
  • Like-kind exchanges

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